Around the Nation podcast: Almost quite as expected

Linfield’s defense sparked the comeback.
Linfield athletics photo

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Crazy comeback on the west coast, a Midwest game with more subplots than a [insert your cliche here] and in all, a good second round of action. Pat and Keith were on-site at Wesley, calling their game with Ithaca, but all eight games get a good run of time on this week’s podcast. Will Bethel continue to perform well with its backup quarterback? Does Wesley have a shot at Mount Union? How about these usual suspects in the round of eight?

For a week in which all three Triple Take pickers got all eight winners right, there were still some surprises, after all.

Plus, there are a couple of short rants here, only one about officiating, and Pat and Keith look at the Gagliardi Trophy ballot. That and more will be discussed in this week’s podcast.

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21 thoughts on “Around the Nation podcast: Almost quite as expected

  1. Being that you mentioned it in the podcast, allow me to be one of the first to compliment you on the “In quarterfinals, it’s the usual suspects” piece. It is well done and informative. It really lays out why the teams that are here year after year are here every year. As a die-hard D3 football fan it’s tough to wait out the weeks at this point in the season – it looks to be a great ending again this year!

  2. Pat,
    Please do not come to the Whitewater game against Linfield. Attend the Bethel North Central game. Usually things don’ go well for Whitewater when you are at the game. HA! HA!.

  3. Great highlight packages fellas. Mt Union and North Central in particular really caught my eye with the qb play. Bethel looks like a great squad too and we know Mary Hardin-Baylor and UWW can play.

    Mt Union is 135-0 when they win turnovers in their last 135 they have done such. One thing we know on Weseley…they can not do what Wittenberg did and lose turnovers. Mt is just too good. Their offense is as dynamic as ever. The qb is a dual threat type. Wittenberg was right there until half. If you get behind mount and have to be one dimensional….that is where their defense will get after your qb and likely cause a turnover or a few. Mt had 5 turnovers vs W&J, but played much better and had none vs Witt. If they keep that up, then Wesley has no shot.

  4. Bethel and North Central looks like a classic matchup. Both qbs have some great stuff, but edge North Central.

    I’ve predicted SJF to lose twice and they won both. They will need to play their best one yet to win at UMHB. I like UWW to beat Linfield. UWW, UMHB, North Central, and Mt Union. I wish all the teams well, but that would be as great a final 4 as I can recall. I think Bethel and Linfield have a shot. Not sure about Wesley or SJF. Wesley has pedigree, but if Mount plays like they did vs Witt….they are not losing.Wesley needs perfection and to hope Mt makes mistakes. Same with SJF at UMHB….need to win turnovers.

  5. in my original bracket, I have MUC, Bethel, Linfield and the winner of JCU/SFJ’s first round match up in the final four. With Bethel and Linfield in Final. I’m feeling shakey on Bethel given that it sounds like they lost their starting QB. Ever since Linfield moved up in the Top 25 to #2 on their BYE WEEK! I thought, Ok, this must be a great great team — so while not scientific, the D3 poll has been spot on in prior years, so it had me convinced that this was or I guess still is, their year.

  6. The podcast was great, enjoyed it very much. Just have one question, if Linfield is ranked #2 why are they traveling to Whitewater. I know there are no seeds however they were ranked higher than Whitewater. Can someone break it down for me. Thanks.

  7. App33: Last time I was at UW-Whitewater, they won handily. This season, Friday night game vs. Eau Claire, remember?

    Twister: Long story short, the NCAA doesn’t have to agree with our rankings. They rank teams differently and they have UWW ahead of Linfield. Our voters just don’t agree. Unfortunately, the home field will probably counteract the higher ranking.

  8. Crazy Texas weather this week. Going to be sunny and 80 deg tomorrow and 35 and wet on Saturday. The weather will favor SJF. The CRU better be ready because it’s the wrong time of the year to have a bad game. This game will be closer than most people think because of the nasty weather.

    UMHB. 31 SJF 20

  9. If UWW and UMHB win, will UWW come to Texas? Can’t see UMHB having to travel since they are ranked higher.

  10. gocru – remember the ranking we see here are “unoffical”, although I agree if the CRU have to travel, something is wrong in the system.

    middlerelief – You had Bethel and Linfield for the Stagg Bowl? Have you watched D3 football in this millennium?? You got the wrong purple in there bud. Haha, I fall into the same trap every year with Linfield and I’ve finally learned my lesson. And I was shocked at the JCU hangover too. I thought they would be better than that.

    Although I sort of agree that Mount has a tough, tough semifinal, but I think it’s North Central who can scare them.

    I think much like last year’s semis, the winner of the CRU/UWW game will win it all. But I’m a perfect 3 for 3 when picking against the Raiders (they win the Stagg Bowl every time), and this year I picked the CRU, so here’s to history repeating itself!

  11. Hey raidertweets, I hate purple so I thought I would be the only one to have Bethel vs Linfield in the final! I didn’t go with the “usual suspects”; not because I really believe it’s likely but because I want to win the contest! Props to middlerelief.

  12. I just checked the weather for Arden Hills, MN for saturday. The temp is only 4 for the high and -6 for the low and its suppose to snow 8 or 9 inches tonight. Should be a fun

  13. MU 52 WC 14 The CRU killed Wesley and killed Rowan who beat Wesley, I would guess MU will dominate as well. It will be interesting to see the comparison on the score. (I know you can’t really predict the future on the past)

    UMHB 31 SJF 20

    UWW 38 LC 21

    NC 42 BU 10

    Dec 14

    UMHB 21 UWW 10

    NC 28 MU 21

    Stagg Bowl UMHB 21 NC 14

  14. Just a big thanks to everyone at D3.COM. The website is awesome and the reporting is top notch.

    I follow a D2 school and the D2 website needs a lot of work, very disappointing in fact.

  15. MU 35 WC 14
    UWW 28 LC 27
    NC 35 BU 24
    UMHB 42 10

    The Cru has a solid passing and running game. I don’t think it will matter which tool they must use (due to the weather) to get the job done, they will expose and decompose those boys this Saturday. These are the real games. It will be interesting to see who is left standing Sat. at 4p.

  16. Sounds like Mount should just pack up and go home? GoCru must not want to play them again this year. I would think Mount will be back to Defend the title?

    Mount big this week


  17. ‘Cats alum here. I considered making a remark about the forecast for this weekend’s game at Whitewater (high of 16), but it’s expected to be below freezing in the Mac too. So I’m left with the hope that Wisconsin will continue to be good to Linfield in 2013 (see baseball). Two great Ds and low temps should make for a great one. Catdome!

  18. DE97,

    Don’t know why you said that but anyway…… MU, don’t have anything to prove. I just think NC is the better team this year. Heck, I hope MU and UMHB end up in the Stagg.

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