Game Day: Just four games

Mike Asiedu
Mike Asiedu and the Wesley defense face a potent UMHB offense.
Wesley athletics photo

We have two interesting cross-region quarterfinals, where two East teams can give the region some long-awaited credibility with games against West Region opponents. We also have a 2002 quarterfinal rematch and a multiple-time rematch in the South. You’ve already seen our picks, and thanks to those who have weighed in there as well.

We’ll be following along all day with our live chat below, and you can join in the chat window or by using the #d3fb hashtag on Twitter. Just one noon game and three 1 p.m. games, so Mount Union-Wabash gets center stage to start off.

Not that you can watch it.

31 thoughts on “Game Day: Just four games

  1. questionable play calling by SJF O – they drive the field on opening drive using Cody Miller and then they don’t go back to him???

    U$T is looking tough.

  2. Ye$ – the $t. Thoma$ Tommie$ football team is looking very good right now.

    Great facilitie$.

    $pecial Team$ is doing very well.

  3. audio very faint – but, can tell you it is just as big of a blowout.

    St. Thomas all over Fisher right now.

  4. St. thomas has a shot against UWW next week. Absolute domination of Fisher. UST’s 2nd offense scored 10 against Fisher in the 4th even

  5. St. Thomas has had the easiest path to the semi’s anyone has ever had. They have beaten no one. Bethel could have beaten them in the first round but the NCAA really blew it by giving St. Scholastica an automatic bid. Next week they’ll get their first test in the playoffs.

  6. Geiger – you have a legitmate point regarding Tommies first round opponent – but Monmouth and SJF are decent foes and they pretty muched kicked both those teams around.

    Bethel fans don’t have a leg to stand on – it is a once every three year program – I’m sure you guys will be back – just find deep pockets the way the St. Thomas Money Machine did.

    I really hope St. Thomas beats UWW or Wesley beats MUC – I’m ready for another program to enter into the top tier – Wesley has been knocking on the door for a few years now and St. Thomas is a relative newcomer to the Nat’l scene but looked none the less.

    Ready for new blodd in the Stagg Bowl!!

  7. Monmouth upset Illinois Wesleyan and St. John Fisher upset Delaware Valley, which gave St. Thomas the home game, and the starting QB for Fisher was hurt. Dodging Bethel was the biggest break of all. Everything has fallen into place for the Tommies up to now. If they can win at Whitewater they will have accomplished something, even though it isn’t a vintage Warhawk team this year.

  8. Geiger you sound bitter and somewhat irrational.

    The same QB that St. Thomas played was the same QB that smacked two undefeated conference champions (including the top seed) at their home turf none the less.

    SJF has a history of advancing in the NCAAs – they are not a push over.

    I’m not saying the Tommies are anything special – but they are good and to say they had a walk in the park is somewhat non-sensical – they MADE it look like a walk in the park.

    I for one am surprised at how easily UWW seemed to beat Salisbury. E8 had two teams in the final 8 and they both lost pretty handinly to #1 and #3 seeded teams – fairly disappointing end to the season.

  9. middlerelief,

    You sound somewhat bitter and irrational.

    What possibly could be better than a rematch between the Purple Raiders and the WarHawks!

    I for one wouldn’t want it any other way!

  10. wow – so someone by the name MUC purple raider can’t think of anything better than MUC in the Stagg Bowl – that is shocking.

    And in other news – my comment about a 7th rematch – has more to do with the “good for the game” argument. No one could stand up to MUC, then UWW showed it can be done. What I’m saying is – I’m ready for another program to step in and show there can be a third. – MUC raised the bar extremely high – UWW has showed it can be done (if not raised the bar even higher) – now it is long over due for other programs to show they can get to that level

    It is not an Anti-UWW or MUC comment – it is more of a pro-performance comment.

    No offense intended by the “ready for new blood” comment.

  11. I’m with middlerelief on this one. St. Thomas may not have played top teams in the playoffs yet, but they did totally dispatch 2 teams from pretty legitimate conferences. These teams were a combined 20-3 and knocked out 3 other teams before meeting UST. Knocking 3 teams out with a combined W-L of 30-3 by a composite ~130-22 points is legit.

    geiger, you sound like a bitter bethel fan. I’ll be the first to admit that Bethel probably could have also beaten all three opponents UST has faced so far. Bethel is probably better than half of the playoff field. However, the MIAC is a tough conference and bethel dropped 2 games. They had their time last year and USTs caliber is showing through. UST is 13-0 and that is coming through one of the top conferences in D3 football. To say that they had an easy time totally disrespects the MIAC. Now that UST is the only MIAC team left, I would hope the other teams cheer for UST because it is good for the conference.

  12. Well, the Cru fell short today, that’s what happens when you turn the ball over 3 times in the playoffs. Man, what a great game though, UMHB made a great comeback. I will say this, Wesley is a damn good football team. MUC better play a great game next week or it will not be another all purple Stagg.

  13. I got to give Wesley credit, they made the plays when they had to and did not turn the ball over. Wesley is big and athletic at almost every position. Wesley’s QB IS GREAT!! I can’t wait for the game against MUC, it will be a great game. I’m pulling for Wesley, now go win the Stagg.

  14. I’ve got nothing against St. Thomas. I think they’re probably the best team to come out of the MIAC since 2003.

    All I’m saying is the NCAA made a lousy decision when they gave St. Scholastica an automatic bid, and another one when they allowed two loss St. John Fisher into the playoffs instead of two loss Bethel. Bethel won the playoff game at St. Thomas last year, St. John Fisher got blown out there yesterday.

    By the way, it should be known that next Saturday Mt. Union will host their 45TH CONSECUTIVE HOME PLAYOFF GAME! What kind of system is in place that gives such an obvious advantage to the same team year after year after year after year……

  15. Geiger,

    The teams highest ranked with the best record get to host the playoff games. That is their reward for having the best season.

    WWU & UMU have earned this right.

  16. Last year the defending national champion Warhawks had to win TWO tough road playoff games, at North Central and at Wesley. Mt. Union hasn’t even PLAYED a game on the road in the playoffs since 1996!

  17. Geiger,

    I don’t recall UWW playing at Wesley last year. I know UMHB did and got beat 19-9.

    It’s all about money, no way will the NCAA pay for teams to play at a neutral site. I wonder if you would be complaining if your team were in MUC position.

    MUC better be ready this week because Wesley is very good.

  18. mucpurpleraider,

    Although I think you are a homer, I have to agree that MUC has earned the right to play at home all these years.

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