Podcast: Building from the ground up

Andy CarrThere have been 15 new Division III football programs added in the past decade, with five more announced as starting within the next three seasons. They range from Georgia and Maine on the East Coast to Oregon in the West.

But one of them is in untapped Division III territory. That’s at Presentation College, the only Division III school in the state of South Dakota, and the only Division III football program between Concordia-Moorhead and the West Coast. Five hours west of Minneapolis, the small Catholic campus of fewer than 800 full-time students is part of the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference and takes the field for the first time next fall.

Until then, Andy Carr and his surprisingly large number of full-time assistants are starting from scratch. Not a football or kicking tee on campus, and no players when he was hired this spring. Pat Coleman caught up with Carr at the UMAC’s Dome Day this past weekend.

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  1. interesting discussion. will give the ncaa fits if PC grows into a national contender for playoff scheduling.

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