ATN Podcast: Shaking it up

One of the things for us about traveling a long distance for a game is that it’s like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. We get on an airplane for a highly touted matchup and sometimes it becomes a rout pretty early on.

And that’s not just in Alliance, Ohio.

But Keith McMillan’s trip to Boston got him a thriller, and a chance to see the NEFC in action for the first time, as Widener traveled to Curry. The game came down to the final play, and you can hear more about it, plus hear from the winning coach in this week’s podcast.

Pat Coleman’s much shorter trip resulted in a thrilling finish as well, as UW-Eau Claire gave up an intentional touchdown to get the ball back and nearly made St. John’s pay for it before falling 35-27. Hear St. John’s quarterback Joe Boyle’s reaction as he realized the Blugolds were letting his teammate head into the end zone without opposition.

Of course, those weren’t the only games which happened this weekend. Keith and Pat talk about scheduling with some chutzpah, a sleeper team that’s getting its offense together and how all the upsets this week affect Top 25 considerations and beyond.

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6 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: Shaking it up

  1. Great picture on the front page of the end of the SJU/UWEC game. Scoreboard in the background and all really sets the scene.

  2. I wish I could say I framed that front-page photo intentionally but it was just the luck of the draw. My only planning was that I figured they would throw at the freshman Johnnie corner so I stuck on that side of the field.

  3. I always enjoy the podcasts, gentlemen, but I am confused by the “Click the play button below to listen” text. No play button appears for me and my feeble computer and old-school browser (MSIE6) this week. I did manage to download the .mp3 by finding the URL in the RSS link code, but if I have missed something, please enlighten me.

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