Game Day live: Good day to track

If you’re not heading out to a game, this is a great day to track multiple games online from home. Our Scoreboard page has audio, video or live stats for every game involving a Top 25 team, for instance. Just hover your mouse over the link icon and see what pops up for each game.

I’ll be at St. John’s/St. Thomas. I gave serious consideration yesterday to hopping in a car and driving to Wabash-Wittenberg. If Wabash had been hosting I would have been far more likely, as a nine-and-a-half-hour drive sounds a lot more palatable than a 12-hour one.

We’ve already laid out all the implications of the weekend on the Triple Take and the front page. What’s left, I think, is to actually play the games.

Chime in with any updates you’re tracking, as always.