Second 2012 NCAA regional rankings

The second NCAA regional rankings have been released. We will not see another ranking before the selections are made, although the NCAA committee will put one together for its use on Selection Sunday.

Remember that regional rankings primarily take regional games into account. Teams are listed with their regional record first, followed by their overall record. For more information about the playoff format and how participants are determined, check out our FAQ.

Teams which have clinched automatic bids are in bold.
1 Hobart 9-0 9-0
2 Widener 8-0 8-0
3 Cortland State 7-1 7-1
4 Salisbury 6-2 7-2
5 Rowan 6-1 6-2
6 Salve Regina 9-1 9-1
7 Lycoming 7-2 7-2
8 Framingham St. 9-1 9-1
9 Bridgewater St. 9-1 9-1
10 Endicott 8-2 8-2

1 Mount Union 9-0 9-0
2 Concordia-Chicago 9-0 9-0
3 Elmhurst 8-1 8-1
4 Heidelberg 8-1 8-1
5 Wittenberg 8-1 8-1
6 Ohio Wesleyan 7-1 8-1
7 Adrian 8-1 8-1
8 Franklin 7-1 7-2
9 Wheaton (Ill.) 7-2 7-2
10 North Central (Ill.) 7-2 7-2

1 Mary Hardin-Baylor 8-0 9-0
2 Wesley 5-1 8-1
3 Johns Hopkins 8-1 8-1
4 Waynesburg 9-0 9-0
5 Huntingdon 4-2 6-2
5 Washington and Lee 7-2 7-2
7 Louisiana College 5-2 7-2
8 Muhlenberg 6-2 7-2
9 Franklin and Marshall 7-2 7-2
10 Hardin-Simmons 5-3 6-3

1 Linfield 7-0 8-0
2 UW-Oshkosh 8-0 9-0
3 St. Thomas 9-0 9-0
4 Cal Lutheran 7-1 7-1
5 Coe 9-0 9-0
6 Pacific Lutheran 6-2 6-2
7 Bethel (Minn.) 7-2 7-2
8 Concordia-Moorhead 6-2 7-2
9 UW-Platteville 7-2 7-2
10 Lake Forest 8-1 8-1

How to use these regional rankings: If you are an at-large candidate, you want to be sure you are the top at-large candidate in your region. That will ensure you get discussed by the national committee and have a chance to be put in the field.

There are 24 automatic bids, one Pool B bid and seven Pool C (true national at-large) bids. Selection Sunday is Nov. 11.

Being listed in these rankings is not a guarantee of selection to the playoffs. There is no guarantee an at-large team will be taken from each region.

8 thoughts on “Second 2012 NCAA regional rankings

  1. St Olaf @ St Thomas Saturday IF Oles win, are they a Pool C Team? 8-2 record, with wins over two top 15 teams in the last two weeks of the season

  2. The lack of viable teams and the crowd of undefeated ones in the East and West, respectively, lead one to think the Committee will have some “inter-regional” brackets this year too. We’ll have D3 Football Championship Committee Chair Brad Bankston on our regular season finale this Sunday at 7:30 pm to discuss the Committee’s picks, Pool C choices, etc. Please tune into Sunday night!

  3. what if Cal Lutheran loses to Chapman and Chapman is the SCIAC Champ, then would Cal Lutheran fall far down the West region ladder? I assume if St. Olaf wins vs St. Thomas there could be a disscussion that St. olaf could jump over Bethel or Concordia-moorhead and Cal Lutheran. Possible 4 MIAC teams in? haha who knows

  4. if cal lutheran loses it would make pacific lutheran fall down the ladder since pacific lutheran lost to cal lutheran.. what do you guys think about the possible 4 MIAC teams in possibility?

  5. Obviously there’s no chance four MIAC teams make the field. If St. Olaf beats St. Thomas, they would definitely jump Bethel in consideration but I’m not sure if they get in. Would have to see how the rest of the field shakes out.

  6. I can’t believe Bethel is going to get in over Concordia. Sure, Bethel won the meeting between the two, but that result could have(should have) gone either way.

    Concordias Two losses: To #3 UST 21-7
    To #10 Bethel 15-14 (debated)

    Bethels Two losses: To #3 UST 37-0
    To Un-ranked St. Olaf

    Bethel was absolutely crushed by St. Thomas when Condordia gave UST one of their closest games, and Bethel lost to an un-rated team, while Concordia lost only to rated teams.

    To me, Concordia is the better team but based on one hotly debated win over a rated team, will get the undeserved nod this year.

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