ATN Podcast: Wrapping up 2011

It’s not a stretch to say UW-Whitewater has reached the top level in Division III, but what of Mount Union?
UW-Whitewater athletics photo by Leah Thyne

The 2011 season is over and UW-Whitewater has taken off on a dynasty of its own — 45 consecutive wins and three national championships. But while the Warhawks take home Walnut and Bronze, they don’t take home all of the hardware. Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan discuss Stagg Bowl XXXIX, Mount Union’s disappointment and the offensive player of the year, defensive player of the year and coach of the year awards in this week’s Around the Nation podcast. It’s the final podcast of the 2011 season.

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4 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: Wrapping up 2011

  1. Another great season at comes to an end. I’m already having withdrawal pangs – where can I get a fix? See you guys again in August, have a fun off-season.


  2. Same boring game. How any one can say this was exciting is beyond me. The game was decided on a fumble at the two yard line. Look at the reality, the game was a dud. The next day I watched the NAIA finals, that was exciting football. Mt. Union or Whitewater would not even be close, not to mention the CBS HD telecast that put the ESPN 2 production to shame.
    Keith ought to get his head out of the sand. When he said the coaches will have to hit the high school recruiting trail I had too laugh. Both WW and Mt. U were lead by Division II and Division I transfers. As far as closing the gap, the NCAA does not help. As I stated in a previous blog. Both WW and MU have now played 35 extra games (5 games X 7 seasons) which equals 3 and 1/2 extra seasons, they have had 35 extra weeks of practice in the 7 year run, approximately 9 home games a season. This translates to an unbelievable competitive advantage which makes it very attractive to upper division transfers. Based on the returning players your are going to have the same game for the next two years unless the NCAA changing the brackets.

  3. QB Blanchard from DII Northern Michigan
    QB Pilota from DI University of South Florida
    White Water Backup QB Lee Brekke transfered from another WIAC team possibly La Cross ?

    Also, the last non Mt U or Whitewater D III champion was 2004 Linfield QB ed by Brett Elliott a transfer from D I Utah

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