ATN Podcast: Game Seven arrives

Matt Piloto
Matt Piloto looked strong at quarterback for Mount Union.
Photo by Dan Poel for

The now-familiar cries come out again this time of year. No, not the misguided calls for UW-Whitewater and Mount Union to move to Division II — not that that’s easy to do, since the whole athletic department would have to go at once. We’re talking about whether UW-Whitewater and Mount Union’s dual dominance is bad for Division III football.

Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan discuss in this week’s Around the Nation podcast.

Plus, they break down the two national semifinals — the return of Jasper Collins, the emergence of Matt Piloto for Mount Union … the defensive performance by UW-Whitewater and more. And the first preview of Stagg Bowl XXXIX and all that goes on in Salem.

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