Game Day: Last chance to knock them off

Matt BlanchardIf you want to keep UW-Whitewater and Mount Union from meeting in Stagg Bowl XXXIX, your options are down to one pair of games on Saturday: Wesley has the last shot at Mount Union and St. Thomas has the last chance to take down UW-Whitewater. In the preseason Top 25, UW-Whitewater was No. 1, Mount Union No. 2, Wesley No. 3 and St. Thomas was No. 5, so these matchups are four months in the making.

Join us on the live chat. Watch the games on television if you’re in one of the local markets, or on via links on the scoreboard. Use the #d3fb hashtag. Send up smoke signals, I don’t care. It’s game day!

51 thoughts on “Game Day: Last chance to knock them off

  1. Earn their way to the title? You mean by winning head-to-head on the football field? The one thing that separates Division III from the BCS.

    The game on Friday apparently proves nothing regardless of who wins since neither team will have earned anything.

    Everything revolves around your conspiracy theory regarding the NCAA. Still zero facts. Later, dumba**.

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