ATN Podcast: Wrapping up 2010

The trophy
UW-Whitewater hoists the trophy for the third time in four years.

The Stagg Bowl ended on Saturday with one piece of unfinished business, naming the Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and Coach of the Year. Plus, Pat, Keith and Sideline Guy Frank Rossi wrapped up the game and the 2010 season from Salem, long after the game was over but before we could pack up and move on out of the press box.

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11 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: Wrapping up 2010

  1. Who’s this “Rossi guy”?

    Seriously, nice recap on the game, awards and the 2010 season. Even a few LL mentions (thx KMack!)

    Although the Stagg has become somewhat “predictable” in the sense of its participants the games leading up to it and the final game itself are worth the journey.

    Thanks and happy holidays to all at It’ll be another long offseason until Kickoff 2011.

    Best regards,

    JB (aka TGP)

  2. Howdy guys, thanx for the wrap-up this morning! I was very much under the weather over the weekend and slept through the whole game on Saturday so I didn’t see or hear anything except what was posted here on your website and what was in the Sunday paper. A buddy of mine was able to record the game and I hope to go over to his house and watch it in the next couple of weeks. I went through ATN withdrawal yesterday and was very happy to hear this this morning.

    I think the top 25 shuffled out very nicely though I expect some may be disgruntled that their teams are not ranked higher.

    Any idea when the Pick ’em results will be posted? I haven’t gotten an update e-mail in a couple of weeks.

    Thanx for all you do and see you next fall!

  3. Great Show!

    This could have been Whitewater’s best run of the past six years based on the following:
    1. Undefeated Season / National Champions
    2. Beat the D3
    #2 Mt. Union / in Championship Game
    #3 Wesley / on the road
    #4 North Central / on the road
    #10 Trine / vs. #2 rated QB and Gagliardi Award Winner Eric Watt
    #22 Franklin / vs. #1 rated QB and Gagliardi Finalist Kyle Ray
    3. Gave Mt. Union, Wesley, N.Central and Trine their only loss of the year.
    4. They accomplished all of this with their backup QB (Lee Brekke) in place of #3 rated QB (Matt Blanchard).

    When you look at everything Whitewater was challenged with, this may have been their best overall season.

    Congrats to the WARHAWKS and keep up the great work D3!

  4. Another Awesome Championship game. Exciting down to the last couple of minutes. Well, the cannon went off with each touchdown here in Wisconsin. (neighbours say their ears are still ringing). Time to swab the tube one last time, grease the wheel bearings and pack it away until September. Gives me 9 months to buy more powder and get ready for the 2011 season. Always looking for help to “fire” the cannon. See you all in 2011. GO HAWKS!!!!!!

  5. Pat, Keith and the whole D3 Football Crew,
    Thank you for the massive amount of work you do in providing this great website, service and forum for communicating with other fans. Your commitment to D3 is remarkable and without it there would not only be a tremendous void in coverage of these student athletes, but also in the joy I’m sure most/all of us readers are fortunate to experience.
    Merry Christmas to all and a healthy and happy New Year.

  6. warhawk47,

    You are right on spot with the post, thanks for pointing that out.

    After watching the Stagg I’ve concluded that UMHB still is a step behind. We need to throw the ball more and make teams respect that. Getting there though, but not just yet.

    Wonder if coach Leipold will interview for a bigger job?

  7. Merry Christmas to all!

    GoCru…Thanks for the props.

    Will Coach Leipold interview for a bigger job?

    He was a Hall of Fame QB for UWW in the mid 80’s and grew up only 20 miles from Whitewater…so he does have ties to the university and the area. We are definitely hoping he will stay, but last year he did interview for the Head Coaching position at Division II Grand Valley State and we lost our offensive coordinator to Northern Illinois University. That is the only downside to success….your coaching staff gets recruited away from your program.

    We’ll have to wait and see if we’re able to keep our coaching staff together.

  8. Pat and Keith, Finally saw the game last night and was not disappointed. Though I really wish I could’ve heard your call of the game. The two smiling faces from ESPN were almost bearable but if they spoke to background stories leading up to the Stagg Bowl they really showed their lack of respect towards the rest of the teams that made it into the play-offs. You two guys have such depth and plethoric data from which to draw that you-all don’t “force it” when it comes to telling the stories behind the story. These two guys were buffoons (and I’m trying to be nice). See you all next fall!

  9. Thanks for all the kind comments. As I think I remember saying, if it wasn’t for people listening and knowing that they follow the teams and need a source to bring it all together, it really would not be worth all the effort we put in.

    I appreciate the opinions, and thanks again for riding along with us in 2010.

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