Wall-to-wall Game Day

Crowd filling inJust a little reminder of what we’re looking at here There are plenty of games going on, but here’s the marquee games to keep an eye on:

No. 25 Randolph-Macon at Emory and Henry, 1 p.m.
No. 8 Ohio Northern at No. 2 Mount Union, 1:30 p.m.
Franklin at Mount St. Joseph, 1:30 p.m.
No. 4 St. Thomas at No 19 St. John’s, 2 p.m.
No. 22 Illinois Wesleyan at No. 21 Wheaton, 2 p.m.
No. 15 Willamette at No. 16 Linfield, 4:30 p.m.
No. 24 St. John Fisher at Utica, 7 p.m.
No. 23 Cal Lutheran at Redlands, 10 p.m.

We’ve looked forward to this weekend since August, when Keith and I were meeting to work on Kickoff. Now it’s here!

There are definitely other games that are worth keeping an eye on, but these are key in Top 25 and conference races. So while we’re going to have about 12 hours straight with at least one of these games on the air, there’s plenty of other games going on as well. So chime in on what you’re following, too.

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  1. It would be great to see Franklin beat Mount St Joe today. Really want to see Franklin in the lead towards the HCAC Championship this year.

  2. Still over 40 minutes to kickoff here at St. John’s and the stands are packed, with standing room filling up already. Biggest crowd I’ve ever seen at the Johnnie tailgate and some long-timers backed me up on that.

    Also got to meet and talk to Jeff Norman, who was the quarterback on the 1976 Division III national champion St. John’s team, and got to hear about what the Stagg Bowl was like back in the day.

  3. Flipping back and forth between Louisiana College/Mary Hardin-Baylor (23-21 shootout at half last time I checked), Randolph-Macon/Emory & Henry (14-6 Yellow Jackets end of 1st quarter with Wasps driving) and just got the Trinity-Williams video to work. That’s 0-0.

    The big games are pretty well staggered today so one can actually listen/watch to some of each.

  4. E&H 15
    RMC 14 … Wasps just got the ball back before half, so it may go into the break with that score.

    LC 23
    UMHB 21 … 3:30 3rd.

    Actually UMHB just scored to go ahead. Details to come.

  5. Radio broadcast says it’s the 5th lead change of the game in the LC/UMHB game. 28-23.

    RMC has held Caleb Jennings to 33 yards on 11 carries, but his E&H backfield mate Dustin Beck has 72 yards and 2 scores in the first half. RMC’s Earl Peoples only has 2 catches for 16 yards, but the RB Scruggs has 80 yards rushing … sounds like both teams are getting others beside their stars to play well.

  6. Johnnies strike first with a TD run by Harry Awe. Two plays for Awe from the 14 to the end zone. Johnnies option pitch to the left. St. Thomas had nobody in the zip code either time on defense.

  7. Billy Lawrence intercepts a St. Thomas pass in the red zone and returns it for St. John’s out to the 32-yard line. Dakota Tracy well underthrowing TE Logan Marks.

  8. Mount Union leads Ohio Northern 14-0 at the half. 14 first downs to 5. Kyle Simmons just 5-for-13 passing for ONU for 26 yards. ONU getting outgained 230-86.

  9. LC’s McLaughlin over 300 yards, just threw his 5th TD pass. 8-play drive, 25 yard TD pass, 6:19 4th, LC goes back in front, 38-35.

    Even if No. 5 UMHB comes back to win, this has to raise some concern about the defense.

  10. RMC is back in front, 20-15 & has the ball. Jackets scored on opening poss. of 3rd qtr but missed PAT

    RMC and E&H have 231 yards of total offense and 2 turnovers right.

  11. Williams 15
    Trinity 0 … haven’t seen much of that game though.

    KTEM says UMHB hasn’t fumbled since Week 1. Remarkable since they run so much.

    UMHB quickly in FG range, 1st & goal from 5 … LiDarral Bailey breaks several tackles on the option run and UMHB is back in front. 42-38 2:38 4th.

    At RMC, Peoples has 5 catches in the first 2 second half possessions. Drake Sanders is now getting all the carries sted Scruggs, didn’t catch why

  12. LC quickly drives into position, McLaughlin pass to the 12. Missed on first shot into end zone, 1:06 left. Missed fade. 3rd down & 10 from the 11.

    No. 5 UMHB 42-38

  13. Looks like a shoot out in Montgomery. Wesley scores on 30-yard pass from Sotilaire to Stevenson, after a good KO return and penalty.

  14. Peoples 42-yard punt return sets up all-run, 5-play, 34-yard drive for R-MC to take 27-15 lead at E&H.

    On Twitter, Adam Turer says Franklin leads MSJ 20-3 at half, sounds like turnover may be hurting Lions.

  15. Well, interesting second quarter here at St. John’s. St. Thomas has turned the ball over three times here after having turned it over just five times in the first four games. St. John’s turned it over in Tommie territory, but the Tommies gave it right back after Josh Ostrue’s bad snap went over Dakota Tracy’s head. Jimmie Mattson kicked a 26-yard field goal four plays later.

  16. Jackets threatening at 1 yard line, inside 9 minute mark at 4th. Peoples up to 9 catches, and Drake Sanders (who stepped in for Thaddeus Scruggs) gives R-MC a 34-15 lead vs. E&H.

  17. Hobart and Union both trailing in the second to SLU and WPI, respectively.

    RPI shuts out Rochester 17-0 in what was in effect a must win / elimination game for both teams.

    Interesting day shaping up in the LL….

  18. TGP, keep those LL updates coming.

    R-MC 34, E&H 22 … I think they just said 4:03 to play.

    Franklin 27, MSJ 3.

    Williams 15, Trinity 0 still (3rd)

    R-MC’s Peoples just got his 10th catch, went over 100 yards.

  19. ETBU jumped out to a 10-0 lead against Hardin-Simmons. Cowboys have scored late in the 1st Q to pull within three.

  20. Check that earlier Wesley led 24-21 at half. Score on 1st possession to lead 30-21 (PAT blocked). Wesley RB Brandon Wright injured during the series.

  21. Reggie Milner picks one off and scores for the Wolverines. This one isn’t called back. Wesley 37-21 w/ 11:33 to go in the 3rd quarter.

  22. Wesley scores again on a long Sotilaire to Krout TD pass. Wolverines 44-21 with 7:21 to go in 3rd.

  23. Huntingdon scores on a play set up by a 73-yard catch and run to the Wesley one. 44-28 late third Q.

  24. Wesley forces punt and Hassan Alston, the fullback of all people, goes 72 yards for a TD. Wesley 58-28 with 33 seconds left in the 3rd.

  25. Union comes back to beat WPI 25-17 but Hobart’s 5 turnovers, including 4 Doug Vella interceptions, sink Hobart’s LL opener, falling 24-21 to the Saint Lawrence Saints – now suddenly 2-0 in the LL and beating Hobart for the first time since 1991…

    Too many mistakes, big penalties hurt the Statesmen and effectively knock them out of NCAA consideration only 5 weeks into the season. This was the first time Hobart had back-to-back regular season losses since 2003…

  26. St. Thomas 27-26 … had a PAT blocked late in regulation, then SJU missed a PAT in OT.

    Case blocked a kick in OT to hold on for a one-point win vs. Allegheny, and Coe had to hold on for a 24-22 win against Dubuque

    From the list earlier in the blog post:
    No. 25 Randolph-Macon 34, at Emory and Henry 22
    No. 8 Ohio Northern 0, at No. 2 Mount Union 27
    Franklin 41, at Mount St. Joseph 10
    No. 4 St. Thomas 27, at No 19 St. John’s 26, OT
    No. 22 Illinois Wesleyan 21 at No. 21 Wheaton 29

    Still to come
    No. 15 Willamette at No. 16 Linfield, 4:30 p.m.
    No. 24 St. John Fisher at Utica, 7 p.m.
    No. 23 Cal Lutheran at Redlands, 10 p.m.
    Also North Central and Carthage later.

    Other scores of interest:
    Williams beat Trinity, 29-19.
    Endicott beat Curry, 28-24
    Wittenberg beat Oberlin, 27-21

    Last we heard, Capital led Heidelberg, 60-50. Otterbein also beat JCU, 56-28.

  27. Wireless at Mt. St. Joe worked about as well as their offense did today. Thankfully I learned last week that I can tweet via text message from my dumbphone. Franklin came to play today. Everyone in the stadium, including HCAC commissioner Chris Ragsdale, was stunned by the blowout. Except maybe for the Grizzlies players, coaches, and fans. Turnovers were the key. The Lions dropped three easy picks early in the game. Franklin forced four turnovers. Even after the Grizzlies’ two turnovers, their defense responded. The score might indicate that Franklin’s offense took over, but it was the defense that dominated today and was the key to victory.

  28. So PLU needs a 49-yard field goal to escape Puget Sound, 31-28. Linfield whacks Willamette, 35-7.

    Cal Lutheran lost to PLU after upsetting Linfield … but not sure this season’s NWC results will make sense within the context of those games.

    CLU leading Redlands 14-9 in the 2nd BTW

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