Sideline Guy: Weather and conditions

We interrupt our blog entry concerning last night’s Gagliardi Trophy banquet (which I will release later tonight once we’re warm and safe at our hotel) so that we may update you on the weather in Salem — in two words: “it’s bad.”

Below, I am attaching two photos — one from 2:30pm EST this afternoon and one from 3:30pm EST to show the progression of the snow so far. First, though, here is an interview with Carey Harveycutter, Director of Civic Facilities in Salem, VA, discussing the preparations being made for the snowy conditions. He and his crew have their hands full with 18 to 24 inches of snow in the 36-hour forecast.

Here is Salem Stadium at about 2:30pm:

Salem Stadium at about 2:30pm EST -- Snow had just begun about 30 minutes earlier.

…and at 3:30pm:

Salem Stadium at about 3:30pm -- it's falling fast.

15 thoughts on “Sideline Guy: Weather and conditions

  1. Oh, that looks exciting! Leaving the cold and snow of Wisconsin for the cold and snow of Virginia! Bring it on!

  2. The front page ad on that’s showing up in my browser right now is for Troy-Built Snowblowers. Nice.

  3. Whats the latest on the weather in Salem? I’ve heard the Virginia Govenor has declared a state of emergency, is this true? Talked to some friends tonight, said one bus is stuck about 60 miles outside of Salem and can’t move. The “Red Eye bus for tonight has been cancelled. I sure hope all the fans From Mount and UWW are safe!

  4. BTW, any chance of getting that interview posted in a different format? Granted, maybe I shouldn’t be expecting everything to be available on my Blackberry. It’s all I have on the way to Salem, though!

  5. Yep, about halfway through Indiana right now. We keep getting weather updates that scare us, though. May Willie Warhawk be guiding our drivers’ hands to get us there safely…

  6. not gonna lie…sitting here in Nebraska…I’d LOVE to be working around the clock to clean that field off in Salem…I really wish that everyone who wants to go to this game or had planned to get their safe…

    I am more worried about this game getting pushed back (which would be good for me) but then I’m afraid that ESPN won’t be able to air the game…

  7. Well you two blow your horns for me since I couldn’t make it down, but I will be watching the Warhawks beat MU again!!!!!!!!!!!! BY at least 13 points!!!!!!!

  8. We’re expecting 14-18 inches just up the road in Lynchburg; Roanoke/Salem will be hit harder(up to 24″ possible). I don’t see many people showing up for the game.

  9. Was on my way to the game yesterday, driving south on I-64 and the rain was turning to snow about the time I hit the toll plaza. After accepting my money, the attendant said to be careful because there was a multi-car accident ahead. Better advice would have been to turn around.

    I stopped at the rest area a few miles further south. No cell phone signal. The lady in the small convenience store was locking up early, otherwise she was told she wouldn’t be able to get home. At that point I made a mistake (possibly) – I left the rest stop.

    When I reached about mile 64.5 traffic came to a stop. It was 7:40pm. No cell phone signal. I couldn’t call my hotel to cancel (I assume they probably could have used the room and might have let me cancel a little late, but a moot point now). Fortunately I had plenty of warm clothes, more than a half tank of gas, and some soda and snacks – and an empty large soda cup with lid and I’m a guy. My sympathies, ladies. At 11 I decided to go to sleep. I slept in hour+ spurts, with some waking time to warm up the car. About 7:30 I woke up and it was bright outside – the trees on the hills were heavily coated with snow and it was beautiful. Occasionally a limb would crack and there would be a little avalanche. There was easily more than a foot of heavy wet snow. People reported that if you walked a half mile or so you could get a cell signal. I was told a big Fedex truck had overturned, it might be 8PM before things started to move. At 3 I walked to get a signal and was able to cancel Sat nite’s hotel, and check in with my family. Someone said the jam had been cleared, and a small snow plow was clearing the way for cars a little at a time. At 4:30 it made it back to me. 21 hours stranded. Fortunately it was just inconvenience, I wasn’t hungry, thirsty, cold, or endangered.

    I drove to the next exit, turned around and headed north. There were 8 to 10 miles of cars that were behind me, still stuck. Leaving the rest stop perhaps was the best decision. I imagine some are still there.

    I hit another toll plaza, and was begrudging paying another 2 bucks just on principal. The toll guy waved me through and said happy holidays.

    Oh, and I missed the game, and MU lost.

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