ATN Podcast: Do their runs end?

Johns Hopkins and Albright are the surprises of the bracket, without a doubt.

One problem. Albright’s run takes it to Mount Union next week, while Johns Hopkins’ road may be shorter but its odds nearly as long, taking on Wesley at Wesley.

Johns Hopkins win.

That doesn’t mean we can’t revel in their accomplishments, though, and theirs were great this past week, with Johns Hopkins winning at Thomas More and Albright getting its vengeance on Delaware Valley. (Photo by Scott Michels)

Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman break down all eight games and take a look forward to the four quarterfinals in this week’s Around the Nation Podcast.

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28 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: Do their runs end?

  1. Great win by Johns Hopkins! Gutsy coaching call to run a play with :05 left. What a great finish! Wesley is playing well, though, and this week might be the end for Johns Hopkins’ season, in a lop-sided game.

    Congrats to Albright for beating Delaware Valley! Seems crazy that the Delaware Valley team wouldn’t have been ready to play, but at first blush that appears to have been the case.

    Mount Union and UW-Whitewater were both dominate in their wins and continue to march toward “Purple Bowl V”.

    Wittenberg won in round two, Congrats are in order, for sure, but will have a huge challenge to keep the game with UW-Whitewater within 3 or 4 touchdowns, this week. Wittenberg has good defensive stats on the year, but mostly against a weaker schedule. UW-Whitewater will introduce Wittenberg to the “contenders level of play” in D III, this week.

    St. Thomas and Linfield were the round two survivors in the West region that featured 6 of the top 10 ranked teams at the end of the regular season, and ALL 8 teams were ranked in the top 25. I digress.

    The game of the week will be St. Thomas vs. Linfield, and it should be fun to follow. Looks like a toss-up to see who gets to travel to Wis”CAN”sin! LOL

    Great Podcast again! Good review of all of the teams and games, a little heavier on the coverage for the south and east, but that is where most of your fans are located. Fair enough. Looks to be another fantastic week of football for D – III fans!

  2. If Coe College’s quarterback doesn’t get hurt against SJU, I wonder if the game at UST is closer, if not a win by Coe? I thought UST would do some damage this year but believe Linfield will win 27-7 this Saturday, gunning for a potential rematch with UWW. That “Pac-Northwest” conference is tough and physical, from seeing the UWW-Willamette game last year.

    The upcoming UW-Whiterwater game versuses Wittenburg reminds me of two specific games I saw two years ago on UWW’s run — the game against North Central College and the one versus Wabash College, both at UW-Whitewater and both blowouts. I think this one has the potential to be a blowout starting in the late second quarter, going forward if Wittenburg is just happy to be there and doesn’t “hit all cylinders”.

    I was at the game last Saturday and UWW gets stronger and remains unfazed as they figure out the other team’s schemes as the game goes on.

  3. Can someone go by and check on CaptainCru? I’m a little worried about him after the outcome of the Linfield/UMHB game.

  4. The feelings about the Cru game are spot on. The problem that plagued us was going with 2 QB. We had been successful with Noak. No change was necessary. But, Noak never said a word. Noak will be back next year and IMHO will be the outright starter. Bailey can bide his time, watch film, learn the game, and be successful as the man if called on. We should have many starters back from what I can see, so next year should be a strong year. Good luck to Linfield in the rest of the bracket! I’m pulling for you!

  5. Hopkins Football gets no respect back home…the school’s Homecoming game isn’t even during football season- it’s a lacrosse game of course! Upon hearing the news of the victory over Thomas Moore last weekend I tried my best to spread the news among the few students still on campus over break, but I was met with many blank stares. So for these guys to get this far in the NCAA Tournament and knock out two very good programs is tantamount to winning the Super Bowl already! They’ve worked very hard to get to the third round and though Wesley is a formidable opponent and Hopkins no longer has the advantage of surprise, the Wolverines are going to have to brawl on Saturday because the Blue Jays are not going to just hand the win over to them. Go Hopkins! We Want More!

  6. Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers—————Linfield got run over in the first half and you know it wildcat1144. Never said Linfield wasn’t any good, I just felt UMHB was better——-does this mean Linfield is better than UMHB——on this particular day they were. Can’t beat any team when you turn the ball over 7 times. UMHB2001—————-Noak had 4 of those turnovers——-he threw 3 interceptions and had 1 fumble——can’t blame Bailey alone. UMHB ran for over 200 yds against a defense that was only giving up 90+ yds on the ground and was up early 14-3 and had plenty of other drives as well. Like I said———turnovers, turnovers, turnovers——–couldn’t beat a boys club team with that many turnovers. Fredenburg even questioned as to why UMHB switched from the I-fromation to the shotgun formation when they had been running the ball well————-can’t figure that one—–if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Oh well, UMHB is young and has plenty of talent coming back next year. Let’s just see if Linfield can be consistent and do the same next year as well. Sign of a good program is consistency——Linfield missed the playoffs the last what 2-3 years?? Look at UWW and MUC——4 years straight to the Stagg bowl——-that’s consistency and the sign of a great program. Watch and Learn Linfield.

  7. Hey CaptainCru,
    Why can’t you just tip your hat to Linfield and move on without all the little snide stuff? Besides, Linfield’s been winning, for what, 40-some-odd years before UMHB had a program. I don’t think you get to lecture them about consistency.


    Good review of all of the teams and games, a little heavier on the coverage for the south and east, but that is where most of your fans are located. Fair enough.

    I don’t think that’s true. Going by D3 regions, I’d probably say we get the most response from the West and North.

    The podcast was heavy on the south because that’s where the only close game was, but the rest of it was pretty unintentional. We bounced back and forth a bunch, IIRC.

    Anyway, glad people are still listening. We have so much info, glad it can be of use.

  8. Good luck to Linfield in the rest of the bracket! I’m pulling for you!

    That’s classy, umhb2001. Nice.

  9. I picked the Cru to beat the Wildcats out of respect for their program and a perception that the Linfield defense wasn’t at a championship level. I still have great respect for UMHB. Losing to a Linfield does not diminish a program IMHO. I have to admit I was wrong about Linfield’s defense. The entire team played well and they stated a very strong case for being considered with UMHB, MUC, and UWW as the top tier of NCAA D3. Wesley could be considered there, too. I would just like to see them be really competitive with MUC before putting them there in my mind.

    Captain, man up big guy. Linfield is better than UMHB this year. Tip your cap to em and enjoy the rest of playoffs. At this particular time, the Wildcats are not the team in position to have to “Watch and Learn”. They get to keep playing.

  10. Pat/Keith:

    Regarding your podcast, I am continually impressed not just by your analysis of the games but also by the depth of your coverage. We all naturally get immerssed in our “home” team but you (and the rest of the D3 team) have that same knowledge of ALL the teams that make up the D3 universe. Thank you for sharing that with all of us.

    Good luck to all the remaining teams that have survived the first two rounds! Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this Saturday’s game in Alliance but will be glued to my IPhone for updates and have DVR’d the television coverage of the game to watch when I return from out of town on Sunday.

    Finally, to all the teams that made the cut but didn’t survive the first two rounds, good luck next year! While losing is disappointing, remember that many other teams did not even make it to the party and use that as a springboard for 2010.

    Be well all!

  11. I don’t think Coe beats UST even if their starting QB doesn’t get hurt at SJU. UST had 500 yards of offense and the Kohawks couldn’t stop the run at all. Coe was outgained by more than 200 yards! Remember, Coe had 2 long return TD’s on defense against the Johnnies and were outgained considerably in total yards in that game as well. If not for the defensive scores, Coe would not have been playing UST to begin with. The QB is not going to make up 27 points.

    I still think Linfield, playing at home, moves on to the semis: Linfield 38, UST 28.

  12. Congrats to all the regional finalists. Out of curiousity has a Centennial Conference team advanced this far in the play-offs before? Good luck to all on Saturday but that said I don’t see any upsets happening in the quarters (but do see one looming in the Semis…..)

  13. Just my final thoughts on the Linfield/UMHB game. I think Linfield is a good…solid team…hell, they are 12 and 0 and they scored 53 points on UMHB! My guess is that they will “go deep” into the play offs. Now, having said that…I don’t for a minute think they are 32 points better than UMHB…and I’ll bet their coaches are doing everything they can right now to make them understand that without the help of the UMHB “melt-down”….the score could have been a lot different. Good luck to you Linfield !!

  14. CaptainCru: I’ve got a number for you – 54. When you look up ‘consistency’ in the football dictionary, there’s a picture of the Linfield mascot. Four titles are no slouch, either.

    UMHB got thumped. We can argue all day about how much was Linfield playing well and how much was UMHB playing poorly, but it doesn’t change the score. No one doubts that UMHB is an elite program, and even I woudn’t say that Linfield is 32 points better. One bad day in the Catdome doesn’t change that.

  15. To answer Labart96’s question, only 1 other time has a Centennial Conference team won 2 games in the NCAA playoffs before and that was Gettysburg in 1985 when they beat Lycoming and Salisbury and eventually lost to Ithaca in the semis (JHU is only in the quarters after 2 wins since there were less teams that made it back then).

    Wesley has knocked the Centennial representative out of the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years.

  16. thx for the history lesson. an impressive run by JHU no doubt but guessing the road ends in Dover.

    still, the CC looking very strong in 2010 with JHU, SUS and DC all contending.

  17. D3Keith and Catdomer87,
    I give Linfield credit—————-never said they weren’t a good team. Do I think they are better than UMHB———I said on that particular day they were————–you guys fess up as well———you know good and well it wouldn’t have mattered if it was MUC or UWW—-if they had that many turnovers, they probably would have lost too.

    That being said, since Linfield beat UMHB, I wish them the best of luck throughout the rest of the play-offs and would love to see them win it all.

    As far as the 54 remark————–get for real, that is like comparing apples to oranges————-UMHB has only had a program for 12 years and I think what they have done speaks for itself. When they reach 54 years and if I am still around then, then we can make that comparison.

    Give UMHB credit, first half they ran all over Linfield and if Linfield should meet a team with as good a running game as UMHB, then they have to play some pretty stout defense.

    Besides, 54 is what??———-consecutive winning seasons————-did they go to the playoffs every one of those years—————nope. Not knocking Linfield but UMHB joins MUC as one of only 2 programs I believe to advance to the second round for the last what 4-5 years.

    I give Linfield credit, I really do——————–they beat a UMHB team that I thought was pretty solid, apparently not as solid as I thought and beat them by 32 points. UMHB plays mistake free football and I think that game goes the other way—————I mean, c’mon———-21 points off of 3 turnovers———take it away and it’s a ballgame.

    Just trying to make a point just like you guys. Enough of me gabbing! Good luck to the rest of the teams left and great job by all. Special congrats to John Hopkins————-man did they turn some heads. Always nice to see the underdog grab a win here and there.

  18. Captain,

    UMHB ran all over Linfield in the first two possessions. After that, Linfield moved to a 5 man front and that push UMHB was getting was negated for the most part. The Cru has a great o-line and is a VERY talented team.

    In regards to the turnovers…it wasn’t The Cru imploding as much as Linfield MAKING it happen. For example, on the pick to start the 2nd Half, Linfield corner Tyler Skore said that when UMHB came out in the formation they lined up in, he knew the WR’s only ran two different routes out of the formation. As soon as he saw the WR stem to the outside, he broke and jumped the route for the pick. That’s just good preperation/coaching.

    You can say if The Cru played mistake free ball the game would go the other way but they didn’t and Linfield punished them. So Linfield was the better team last Saturday and I’m ok with that and I’m at peace with UMHB being the better team the other 364 days of the year.

  19. Wildcat1144,
    Enjoy your victory and good luck to Linfield. I hope we get the opportunity to play ya’ll again next year. Probably right about the passing plays———UMHB doesn’t run too many of them—never needed to and from what Fredenburg said, he didn’t feel the need to switch but obviously the O-Coordinator did. Oh well, hope to see ya’ll next year. Good luck and beat UWW, if you happen to get there, which I have a feeling you will.

  20. I just think it’s entertaining that someone is actually still not convinced that Linfield has a better football team than UMHB. It’s not like Linfield only won by 14 and really needed the help of UMHB’s 7 turnovers just to get by, they won by 32 friggin points! That means they punished UMHB each and every time they made a mistake. Isn’t it possible that UMHB’s turnovers were the result of Linfield’s defense making great plays?

    Look, I could make the same, or a similar statement, about the UST-Monmouth game. MC had the game’s only turnover (in UST territory), allowed a 71 yard KO return, a 40 yard punt return, had a punt blocked and returned for a TD, and turned it over on downs twice in the UST red zone. But you know what, the truth is that UST deserves all the credit for MAKING those things happen. Sure MC could’ve played better, but I wouldn’t say they are better than the Tommies.

    Let it go man, they got thumped.

  21. Always some jerk-off like GoScotties that has to flap their gums to get people riled up again. Shut your pie hole. Read my post right above your stupid remarks.

  22. To be fair, CaptainCru, your post wasn’t immediately visible on the board last night when GoScotties’ message was posted. (I saw his get through the automated approval system before I saw yours.)

    So while you made you peace with Linfield, GoScotties couldn’t have realized that he was riling you up again since he couldn’t see what you had written at 9:22.

    Either way, I think y’alls’ points were made. 🙂

  23. My goodness. Did you have a little “Captain” in you at 2 am? Ryan already pointed out the obvious. Sure didn’t think my comments warranted a statement like that regardless.

    Congratulations on making peace with Linfield after all the bickering and for making a post without so many unnecessary dashes—–

  24. wildcat1144: Wildcat I think you may be on to something with that “5 man front” comment….I noticed the same thing…not that it is the sole reason for UMHB’s performance….it just made them do “things” that had not been in their game plan and they weren’t able to adjust quick enough….something they’ll have to work on before next year. (they WILL be back next year!!)

  25. I was at the IWU/UWW game and did notice that UWW does get stronger as the game goes on. I know they have a strong running game, but i would like to give kudo’s to their passing game, which , to me, is just as stong. Wittenberg’s offense will definitely have to show up for this game big time. Memo to Wittenberg’s offense. Personally, i thought IWU’s offense could have thrown the quick slant all day long, and your recievers will need to do double moves, as UWW’s defense likes to jump routes. Of course, none of this will mean anything once the game begins. UWW is one heck of a team i must say.

  26. I never get in here and make any comments, I usually just read what eveybody has to say, but I just have to say one thing this time about UMHB. I really thought this team was the one to go all the way this year but there is a real problem with the O!!! I regret that my son played his last year and was a part of a defense that I think was absolutely awesome! Maybe we should have played the defense both ways and they might have won! I love and respect the Cru, but something went wrong this year with the QB thing and it appeared that the guys did not respond well to switching around the QB. Again, I am a defense mom and have been for many years of my son’s career, but it was evident that there was a problem with the O! So as you all bash UMHB, think about the seniors on that team, they deserve more respect! As I said, I usually just read and never comment but UMHB has never gotten the respect they deserve from most people on this site anyway. It says a lot about such a young program and what they have achieved. Good luck to all the young men out there still playing and to the seniors! Playing at this level is an honor and will long be talked about to your children and grandchildren. I don’t get the honor of watching another game or another year of my son playing football, it will be missed, I have attended his games since he started at the age of six. Wow, what will I do with my Saturdays now!!!! LOL!! Merry Christmas to all and God Bless!

  27. Great comments umhbfootballmom !! I know what you mean about “them playing their last game”. I don’t know you but very likely have seen you at ballgames…my wife and I have attended almost all home games since their second season and most away games that were within driving distance.

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