Game Day: Sixteen go home

Keith McMillan will be at Maine Maritime-Montclair State. I’ll be at Coe-St. John’s. Gordon Mann will be broadcasting Susquehanna-Delaware Valley and Joe Davis will be broadcasting at St. Thomas-Monmouth.

Some pretty good teams will be going home today, as well as some not-so-good teams. Someone has to play the part of Mount St. Mary’s or Florida A&M in this bracket, but that shouldn’t make the trip less memorable for them or make the conference championship any less of a recruiting boost among their prospects.

Later in the day, the site probably will get slow. One of the things we do when we have to keep the site operating under heavy traffic is close down the Daily Dose. We always hope it won’t come to that, but I just wanted you to be forewarned.

Scoreboard, Twitter, Daily Dose, lots of live video (more than half of the games). Plenty of ways to get your fix.

St. John’s and Coe trade fumbles. Then SJU’s Bobby Klint drops a wide-wide-open INT. 13-7 Coe 4:29 2nd.

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