ATN podcast: QB changes, changing of the guard

Four teams clinched. A couple teams played their way out of at-large bids. A few new quarterbacks took the field and the PAC had a … wait, a not-so-new champion.

Suddenly, it seems Washington and Jefferson has lost more PAC championships than it’s won over the past five years. What happened? That’s one of many topics Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman take on in this week’s Around the Nation podcast.

In addition, get their take on the first regional rankings and a look at how they might change. Find out how a backup quarterback prepares and gets prepared for being thrust into the lineup, and how it makes a difference for everyone else on the offense. We pick up on a handful of teams that are flying below the radar but still having surprisingly strong seasons. Plus, a look back at Dome Day and Maine Maritime’s record rushing day.

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13 thoughts on “ATN podcast: QB changes, changing of the guard

  1. Good podcast. 1 common opponent that you didn’t discuss in the West is that Monmouth and Central have both played Loras.

    Monmouth 39-20
    Central 41-17

    I know Monmouth was up 39-14 going to the 4th and Central was up 34-10. Very similar results. Central was at Loras, Monmouth was at home.

  2. As usual, a good podcast. I remain amazed that you go thru the regions, talk at length about ranking, conferences, teams, etc. and skip over the south region other than to talk about UMHB, Miss. College, etc. About the only time Wesley,s name was mentioned was Del. Valley lost to Wesley. I guess poor Wesley will just have to get in a conference with an AQ because that is the only way you guys will give them any “DAP!”

  3. Pool B hasn’t been in question for a while now. We mentioned the same three teams remain in front: Wesley, Case Western Reserve, Huntingdon. We could spend time talking about Wesley but there isn’t a lot new there to talk about. What is new other than Wesley winning?

    I don’t think we talked about Mount Union very much either, right? We talked about the things that were debatable. I guess we could go on for hours — we really need to have a two-hour radio show with guests and such but since Keith and I work different schedules and live halfway across the country from each other, it’s a tough thing to put together.

  4. Your point is noted Pat. It is just if Wesley was in an AQ conference you would certainly pay more attention. Something like “Wesley, who is ranked # 1 in the south region, remained the top Pool B choice with a 30-12 win over rival Salisbury” would have been nice.

  5. I doubt that’s true. There are 23 AQ conferences. How many did we talk about this week? If they were blowing out an AQ conference there wouldn’t be anything new to report there, either.

  6. Well, honestly, being in a conference with an automatic bid would probably be a good thing for Wesley (or in a conference with six teams that gave them five guaranteed in-region games), but it wouldn’t mean we would automatically talk about them more.

    Wdel: Thanks for the heads-up.

  7. Thanks to Pat and Keith for the comments on the increase in football scholarships that are awarded in the D-II Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference.

    That can make a huge difference!

  8. It’s ok because Huntingdon is in the same boat that Wesley is in. They had a shot at being part of a confrence with an AQ but then they got bumped back to Independent status, and has flown under the radar all season.

  9. What do you all suppose we should say about Wesley and Huntingdon, besides the passing mention suggested above? With regard to the playoffs, they’re both virtual locks, even if they lose a game.

    If you’ve been listening over the course of the full season, we have touched on both of those teams in some sort of depth.

    Keep the constructive criticism coming though. At least it means you’re listening!

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