ATN podcast: Showdowns, Pool B and more

It’s the time of year where playoff implications abound. Where conference races begin to make sense. Where it’s no time for a letdown, but occasionally it’s time for a wake-up call.

The wake-up call? That was for Centre, which got shut out by Millsaps. No letdown? That’s Wittenberg and Mississippi College. Playoff implications, all over the place, for sure.

Also, we haven’t talked about Pool B very much this year, and Keith McMillan and I explain why in this week’s Around the Nation podcast.

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Also, check out Otterbein’s video of their final touchdown.

10 thoughts on “ATN podcast: Showdowns, Pool B and more

  1. Great disection of the pool options….it put to rest many of my questions…my only hope now is that 2 weeks rest will get the I C Bombers going full speed..many thanks for your podcast

  2. Great job Pat and Keith. It was well worth the 40 minutes. Keep up the good work! How about a whole bracket forecast at some point before the season is over? That would be fun!

  3. We do project playoff teams at least once before the bracket is announced, yep. Not on the podcast, but separately, mid-week.

  4. We will see what Thomasmore is made of in the next few weeks as they finish with W&J, Geneva, and MtStJoseph. These teams are a combined 20-1!! Geneva, who has the one loss, is tougher than a lot of people think. If they run the table they are certainly a top 10 team.

  5. Geneva is 3rd year provisional, and therefore their games are counted as in-region for both W&J and TMC.

    W&J beat Geneva, 31-10.

  6. Hmm, I finally got around to listening to this (sorry!) and think the guys missed this in the discussion of the SCAC tiebreaker scenario:

    C. If Sections A and B cannot break the tie and there are still three teams
    tied, then the team or teams with the fewest losses will be declared as the
    recipient of the conference’s automatic bid to the NCAAs. If two teams
    have the equal number of losses, Section A is applied.

    This is prior to opponent’s winning percentage as a factor. If all teams end up with one loss, Millsaps would be thrown out here, so the bid would go to the Centre-DePauw winner (Centre).

  7. Geneva is a top 10 team if they win out? No way. You have no idea what you are talking about… take away a potential win against TMC (who won’t be celebrating a PAC Title win with a ROAD game up to Geneva this year) but you lost to the #11 team in the nation by 21 points— gaining 136 yards of offense in 4 full quarters. How does that say you are a top 10 team? At a glance they’ve given up 20 points to St Vincent, 39 to Waynesburg and 28 to Frostberg St. Three of their wins are against winless teams.

    Geneva is good competition and will make some noise in the future as a member of Division 3 football, but a top 10 team doesn’t lose like that to W&J. I can’t wait until November 7th…even if the team can’t talk about the match up yet… it won’t be 7 points — Thomas More (its two words, as in a person’s name) will win by at least 10 points — as I mentioned they won’t be flat following a huge celebration (they overdid it) with a long road trip to the middle of nowhere, PA.

    Or did you mean top 10 in NCCCA? Thats more like it…but again, they are transitioning to Division 3 Football at the NCAA level.

    Sorry Pat — been a long time since I’ve had to defend Thomas More and this called for my attention.

  8. Saintsfan…….you got it all wrong. I was giving respect to your team. I said that TMC’s next three opponents have a combined record of 20-1 and if TMC (not Geneva) wins out they should be a top 10 team. Geneva is not a top 10 team and I was never implying that to be the case.

    Now let me say something else with no ambiguity. W&J is going to beat TMC soundly in every phase of the game. This will render the above discussion moot.

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