Game Day: A channel surfing day

This is a great day for me to stay at home and channel surf. Finally have our house set up a little bit and if necessary, I can fire up two computers and a desktop side by side by side and really take up all of the available bandwidth.

So I get an extra hour to unpack boxes and such before Capital-Otterbein, since that’s at 2 p.m. ET. Then there’s also live video of Wheaton-North Central, which is a service I haven’t seen before, so hopefully it works. At 4:30, Willamette-Linfield.

And it’s not like there aren’t plenty of other intriguing games. Follow us on Twitter, too, as we update you on games from across the country all day.

20 thoughts on “Game Day: A channel surfing day

  1. Rainy, Windy day in the mid-atlantic again today after heavy rains over night and expected heavy rains with storms this afetrnoon. But it is warm.

  2. Have an incomplete score report from a reader: Curry 10, Plymouth State 3, second quarter, no time given.

  3. UWW 38 UW-River Falls 14 final

    RF’s scores a couple 4th quarter TD’s after gaining only 106 yards through 3 quarters…UWW defense was outstanding again.

    UWW playing very well these days…

  4. Frank Rajkowski reports via Twitter that St. John’s quarterback Joe Boyle is out after re-aggravating his sprained thumb. SJU leads St. Olaf 10-3 entering the fourth quarter.

  5. St. Olaf driving, ball on SJU 20 with about 30 seconds left and two time outs remaining. Score 10-3 SJU.

  6. NCC had a big 3rd quarter. Now 27-7 over Wheaton with 13:52 left.

    Why does the scoreboard show a 4-2 score for CNU vs. Greensboro for a game that’s not scheduled to start for 2 hours?

  7. Final NCC 27 WC 7.

    North Central’s defense did a nice job shutting down the Wheaton offense, and the NCC offense scored 3 touchdowns in the first 17:00 of the second half to break out of the defensive stalemate of the 7-7 first half.

  8. So if I have this right, there’s a three-way tie (potentially) in the SCAC, now that Millsaps has beaten Centre, who beat DePauw, who beat Millsaps.

    Trinity still has to play Centre, so that could break the tie and give the title to DePauw …

    Curry does what it do … thought Plymouth State could’ve cracked my top 25 with a win. Gotta recognize MSJ now too.

  9. Capital has now let fourth-quarter leads slip against two 7-0 teams.

    Coupled with Wheaton’s loss, this probably makes Cap the new No. 1 two-loss team, with Bethel and ONU also in the mix 🙂

  10. How about this for a potential West Region Bracket:

    1. UWW
    2. St Johns
    3. Linfield
    4. Central
    5. Monmouth
    6. Oxy
    7. UWSP/St Thomas/Bethel
    8. NATHC Winner

    The top 5 seeds are all in the top 10! This would set up a true 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5 bracket.

  11. One of my Linfield friends has volunteered the Wildcats to be moved to East Bracket!

    I think that they are deliberating whether they would accept the #8 seed in the East Bracket versus a home game in the first round in the West. 🙂

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