ATN Podcast: Whirlwind weekends

Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman each picked up some frequent flyer miles and logged hundreds of miles behind the wheel in search of new Division III football frontiers, with Keith finding his in Western New York and Pat bumming around Southern California.

Not that either had time to breathe, taking in about 18 total quarters of football between the two of them this weekend. The gurus evaluate their trip, talk about where they saw good game-day atmospheres and more (you know, on the rest of the games) in this week’s Around the Nation podcast.

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4 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: Whirlwind weekends

  1. Nice overview of the weekend but in my biased opinion you undersell the Hobart campus – and btw the turf field aka McCooey is not lacrosse only. The men’s and women’s soccer, women’s field hockey and lax play on it. Also the grass Boz field is being upgraded after this season so Hobart will be all field turf by 2010.

  2. I think if Hobart was the only place I’d gone over the weekend, I might have come away more wowed by the campus. In reality all three are very nice and it’s tough to pick a favorite … especially when you drive through and only really have a quick first impression to go off of.

    I didn’t mean to imply that football wasn’t important, or that other teams don’t use those fields — there were lacrosse players on the turf when the football game was going on Saturday, but there’s also a grass lacrosse field on campus — but to underscore how big lacrosse is in comparison to other D3 schools. The only other place I’ve seen that nice a lacrosse field is Johns Hopkins.

    And now that I think about it, the D1 lax history of both schools sort of makes it an obvious, and perhaps unnecessary, point to underscore.

  3. It also needs to be noted that not only is there going to be new turf, but Hobart is replacing the “rickety” stands, pressbox, getting new locker rooms and installing lights. The stands will be much closer to the field and will present more of that “cozy” look you saw at St. John Fisher. Boswell Field is getting a huge upgrade and Keith, I hope you come back next year to see it. Also Keith, thanks for the description of the ride from Geneva to Alfred. Brought back many memories, albeit losing ones. We didn’t have much success against the Saxons in my day. Great pod cast!

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