Stagg Bowl XXXVI archive

Last year we broke this file up into four pieces, but only the first piece made it into the RSS feed and was downloaded in iTunes. So this is a big file, but it’s all here.

We pick up this broadcast archive from the final minutes before kickoff and cut off right before the postgame news conferences. We’ll post those separately.

Pat Coleman, Keith McMillan and Frank Rossi on the call. Gordon Mann anchors our halftime and postgame coverage.

2 thoughts on “Stagg Bowl XXXVI archive

  1. Cool! I wasn’t able to catch the entire call so this is much appreciated. Will look forward to listening to this in the off season.

  2. Just curious why has nothing on the Texas RB who was shot down in a night club? I know its sad, tragic, and horrific, but it is news worthy. If nothing else, to pay respects to a member of the d3 fraternity! I didnt know where else to post this, so it went here!

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