ATN Podcast: First look at Stagg matchup

The same, but different. That’s about all you can really say about this upcoming Stagg Bowl matchup, as UW-Whitewater and Mount Union meet for the fourth time.

Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman talk about last Saturday’s semifinal games, take a first look at the matchup for Stagg Bowl XXXVI and tell you what you can take from the last three meetings to apply to 2008.

Plus, if you’re on the fence about coming to the game, we have some suggestions for you. Because you don’t have to wear purple to enjoy the Stagg Bowl.

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31 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: First look at Stagg matchup

  1. I think once again this will be a very evenly matched game. These teams are practically mirror images of each other. Both O lines ave. around 280. UWW might have the weight edge on the D line (260). This game will be one or lost in the trenches. Last year, UWW dominated both sides of the ball. Should be another great game!

  2. I agree that it will be a game decided in the trenches. Never thought I would see a team reload each year like Mount, but it looks like UWW knows how to draw and develop talent.

  3. Another great podcast, wish I could make it up to Salem but maybe next year. Will be listening and watching though.

  4. decent podcast guys…it would have been great if you would unlock my username for the D3BOARDS!

    just saying…

  5. I check the board registrations two or three times a day. You only registered a half-hour ago so you might benefit from a little patience.

  6. Patience might be a virtue for most…but not me!

    And look how fast I got mine activated…:) thanks Pat!

  7. Perfect way to end my day thanks to you guys for all you do…11 o’clock start works for me it gets the party going that much sooner

  8. Great job as always guys. thank you for all the work you do. You greatly add to the enjoyment of D3 fans! Without the benefit of national television, D3 and its fans owe a great debt of gratitude to you for promoting the following and discussion of D3 football. THANK YOU!

  9. Looking at scores in the playoffs, Mount is like a +34 and UWW is like +19. Factoring in Uww may have had a tougher path to get here, being the defending national champs, etc. I think Mount ‘s got to be a 5 – 10 pt favorite going in. Both teams young, no major injuries for either team.

  10. I want UWW to win, but I don’t think they will pull it off. Here is my prediction….

    MUC 41

    UWW 28


    The LB’s, offensive, and defensive lines are about even. The difference is the skill positions. MUC has better talent at QB, RB and receiver. Kicker UWW, punter MUC.

  11. hate to agree with your points cru…but I think without a healthy coppage…and although AA is a good back up…I think You can’t disagree that Micheli and Kmic are better overall talents at this point in their careers…I personally feel that Coppage…if healthy…will challenge Kmic’s records…I really do…Coppage was getting looks by many D1 teams before getting hurt in hs and coming to WW after the injury scared away the big teams…but as of right now…the edge goes to MU…but I’ll still be cheering the Warhawks onto victory!!!

  12. Big congratulations to Greg Micheli winning the Gagliardi! Maybe this is an omen? Last year, Beaver won the Gagliardi and UWW won the Stagg. Hopefully, a good omen for mount.

  13. Yeah really, Coppage hasn’t really played for a month for an ankle injury. I suppose he’s tender and if they can live without him they keep AA in the game.

    I fully expect him to be on the field Saturday. He will get lots of rest the next 6 months.

  14. Coppage played several series at the UMHB game last Saturday. This started in the 2nd quarter from what I saw there. I remain curious if the coaches will use both this weekend.

    I wonder if the ankle injury (during the first round game versus SJU) was the same ankle that Levell injured during his senior year in high school, which ended pretty much his senior year. I read somewhere that he was All State as a junior in high school.

    He was being recruited by some of the MAC schools/mid majors when the injury took place.

    I an curiuos if he will stay at UWW or try to move up to DII somewhere or try a mid-major DI school.

    The Warhawks have a nice combination of “slash and dash” with Anderson and with Coppage.

  15. I believe when it’ all said and done, the mobility of Micheli will ultimately be the difference in the game. All four playoff teams obviously tried to stop Kmic, but none could contain Micheli. He would scramble for big yardage in crucial situations in each game. Also, being a seasoned vet of the stagg will help.

  16. Trying to stop Micheli as well as Kmic will be extremly difficult. Even when Kmic doesn’t get the ball, using him as a decoy is very effective in freezing the linebackers. I don’t know how many times I thought Hobart had Micheli in the backfield only to watch him scramble for a first down. It’s a killer.

    Special teams may be an important part of the game. If I saw one weakness it was in the special teams.

  17. I agree, special teams for Mt. U does appear problematic. Granted, the getting faked out issues are absorbed into their blowouts but in a close game it could be a deal breaker.

    By the way, I’m assuming that Kehres is already looking for a replacement special teams coach. Falling for one fake punt is bad enough, but 4 or 5 … yikes.

  18. I’ll tell you what, if UWW attempts a fake punt and it’s successful, the world may see a coach murdered. Three fake punts attempted in the playoffs against mount and all three were successful. Bad.

  19. Psssst.
    Is this thread safe from the “ifs and buts” world of the Cru fans? I’m looking for some clear headed opinion on the game.

    Regarding UWW’s two running backs, I personally favor Anderson. I was at the game he came in for Coppage, night and day in terms of the offensive performance. If you remember how the Jets just couldn’t seem to completely tackle the Bills running backs last weekend, Anderson runs like that. Don’t get me wrong, Coppage is great in his own right, it’s just Anderson’s style is more to my liking. I think Anderson carried the ball 35 times against Willamette, and didn’t get stopped for a loss once. The same may be true for the UMHB game, although I’m not entirely sure.

    It seems one of the main questions to be answered Saturday morning (come on ESPN!) is whether UWW’s young secondary can handle MUC’s passing attack. Last year UWW’s secondary were all seniors, and they played a great game against the many weapons of MUC.

    With all MUC can do on O, an opposing coach, and fan for that matter, is doomed to go gray or bald trying to figure them out.

  20. My thoughts on Saturday….

    Look for Vince Petruziello to be the receiver of choice early…When all other options are covered, the guy gets open. Role players to me are the ones who decide big games like this. Cecil Shorts has been relatively quiet in my opinion…I would have to think they are going to want to try and get him the ball early and often. But Micheli is going to need time to throw…pass protection is going to be huge I think.

    Last year UWW contained Nate Kmic. They’ll have to do it again. In a way, UWW might cherish the opportunity to show that they can do it again this year.

    Lastly,this may be oversimplifying it a bit…but I believe that if the Mount Union defense can come out and flat out stop the run, they win this ballgame. They have the capability of doing it – as with everything, it all comes down to execution.

    Oh yeah – and like the guys above said….the Raider special teams better be awake…..that means WATCH FOR A FAKE PUNT….but also, they can’t be giving up big returns on kicks and giving UWW good field position all day long…

    I’ve said it but it bears repeating…what a great game this is going to be.

  21. it’s funny but the closer this game gets…the more I’m happy it’s WW-MU 4…I think if it would be any other team I’d be over confident and expect a victory for WW…but MU is that “mountain” you’ve climbed once and you want to prove it to yourself you can do it again…this is going to be a fun one!

  22. muc01nashvegas, they probably should get the ball early and often to Cecil Shorts. Based on what I saw at the 50 at last year’s Stagg Bowl, I was more impressed with him than I was with Pierre Garcon. The unanswered question in terms of this year’s game is can Micheli handle d-line pressure better than he did last year? UWW’s constant pressure on D as well as Justin Beaver’s performance were the main factors that won the game for UWW.

  23. I’m pulling for UWW since they beat the Cru. (2 bad calls really hurt the Cru) I think MUC has much better skill position players, and that will be the difference.
    No Beaver and no Danny Jones this year=loss. UWW may not get it done this year but they have almost everyone back next year. I will be very surprised if they are not in the Stagg next year as well. Unless, the Cru has the best recruiting year ever with some transfers to boot. It would be nice to have a Danny Jones clone fall into their lap. We will have our all-American RB back as well. Anyway, I’m ready to watch the game muted of course (I can’t stand Pam Ward, talk about social promotion at it’s best) and the UWW guys on my laptop calling it. I may switch back and forth between Pat and UWW guys.

    halftime score

    MUC 21
    UWW 7


    MUC 41
    UWW 28

  24. I agree with you on a lot of points…but I can not fathom either team putting up 41…the only reasoning I have for that is that WW’s highest point total given up is 27 and they have only given up more then 20 twice…and the same can be said for Mount Union who has only given up 20 twice themselves…I think this could be a high scoring game…but I don’t see a blow out either way…I’m glad their are doubters…thats what has made WW successful in the past…theres always someone to prove wrong and they are out to do it at all costs…overall…you won’t find two teams that compare better in all of D3…I do think that WW’s youth will be the death of them in this Stagg…but I just decided today I’m making the hike Friday night after work and I’ll be there to see this game in person to cheer on my boys Aaron Samplawski and Jared Kiesow!!!

    Come Back With The Walnut and Bronze Boys!!!

  25. i’d have to say mount is the underdog here. whitewater is the defending champ until proven otherwise. …..go muc.

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