Live from Dover (and elsewhere)

Keith McMillan here in Dover, Del. getting a look at preseason USA South favorite N.C. Wesleyan visiting two-time semifinalist Wesley, which returns a large chunk of its past two top-10 teams.

The move to watch for them is the adjustment to new quarterback Jason Schatz, who played receiver last year while longtime QB Chris Warrick was running things. The Wolverines are wearing mismatched road whites, despite being at home, apparently because the new dark blue jerseys haven’t come in yet (file that in the Only In D3 files). N.C. Wesleyan’s got the Notre Dame look, and came out with a ritual I hadn’t seen before, with a player swinging a sledgehammer to the field turf as the team runs in from the end zone to their sideline.

I had previously thought I’d rather be at Rowan-Christopher Newport today, assuming that would be a better game, but seeing how jacked up both teams are here, I’m not regretting being here at all.

Feel free, dear readers, to kick in your thoughts from whatever action you’re watching or listening to today.

55 thoughts on “Live from Dover (and elsewhere)

  1. pa wesley fan, i will talk to my son during the week to see how it went. he was not satisfied with his play either. coach is correct, the mistakes are not acceptable if you want to be a top team. i hope the team takes the same pride as coach does so that it wont happen again, still, they are 1 – 0. sounds like del val will be short on o if sheffield cant play this week due to injury. you will have to stop by this week, we tailgate before the game or you can find me on the far side of the pressbox standing up top, with some of the other fathers, would be nice to meet you. if you make the tailgate you can have a beer without being insulted by repete, lol. how do i find the acfc board that you mentioned. go wolverines!!!!!!

  2. Wesleydad

    Go to the front page of this site and then go to post patterns and then south . you will see the acfc board

    I normally sit on the other side at the top of the stairs with a couple of people who attend every home game every yrear!!!!when I get down there.
    Plans are to be there this week. DelVal is actually only about 4 miles from my home

  3. Late look into D3 this week… I had to head out to South Bend to watch my beloved Irish take a pounding. But looking over the Ithaca game, it looked like an impressive showing for the Bombers on the road against Lycoming. The last time there, Lycoming delivered a big upset. Second year starter Dan Juvan had a great game throwing for over 300 and 3 scores. Ithaca defense looked impressive as well. Give the Bombers some love and get them back into the Top 25 where they belong…. They’ll prove it in a few weeks against SJF…. GO BOMBERS!!

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