Ten years of D3football.com

A decade ago at this time, I was throwing the proverbial switch and getting ready to unleash D3football.com on the World Wide Web.

Lycoming def. Widener, 1998It had been a project we were attempting to keep secret, which was difficult to do, assembling 220-some football schedules, quick facts and the like without being noticed. In the weeks before our July 7, 1999, launch, we saw the competition, Division III Football Online, really ramp up its preseason coverage, much better than it had done previously. And since we were moving into what was basically another site’s established territory, we were concerned there would be a backlash.

That potential backlash had kept us from expanding Division III Basketball Online and adding a football site the year before. We did talk very seriously about doing it for the 1998 season, and there was definitely some split opinions among our inner circle at the time, which was basically me, Jim Stout and Ray Martel. But Ray and I took a break from our coverage of Catholic University football to cover the Widener-Lycoming game that fall, a classic in which Lyco rallied from a 13-2 deficit after starting with the ball on its 1-yard line with a little more than three minutes left, and we knew we had to cover this sport more often.

When I took over Division III Basketball Online in November 1997 I had this illusion that I could do it a few hours a night, a few nights a week, which would make the site more up-to-date than it had been previously and everyone would be happy. But that illusion quickly faded and by that time, the site already took up 20-30 hours a week during the basketball season. So I had a pretty good idea what I was getting into.

Your response, the fans’ response, to D3football.com was overwhelming, from the opening days. It eventually passed D3hoops.com in traffic and popularity and really drives the whole D3sports.com network. Thanks for being a part of it and choosing to follow NCAA Division III football with us. It’s been a very rewarding decade, getting to go across the country and see great football games, meet people, find good stories and bring them back to you.

And while this site is still really a labor of love, and may well never be my full-time job, I don’t love it or Division III football any less.

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11 thoughts on “Ten years of D3football.com

  1. As someone living in California, I see very little DIII athletics. This site has been a pleasure to have to keep track of my alma mater and the MIAC. Keep up the good work!

  2. Pat you and your “guys” do great work…thanks…can’t wait for the season to get started. I think “my” UMHB Crusaders are ready this year…

  3. As a 10 year poster (wow!) it’s been a great ride and it has made following division III football so much more enjoyable. I really apprecaite the hard work that the staff and you put into the site. Looking forward to the next 10 years!

  4. As someone who has spent more time here than anyone but Ralph Turner (Pat himself is only third!:)), thank you for many, many, many … pleasurable hours!

  5. I remember searching and searching when my son first went to Wesley(1995) and finding one site that was shutting down and another that was not very far reaching and wondering why there was no DIII sites dedicated to football. As a parent I knew that there would be interest. But this site is so much more than I could have ever thought . And I also have been here since it’s infancy and have enjoyed every year. Congrats Pat and thanks for giving us this great gift…

  6. Thanks for 10 wonderful years. I found the site by Feburary 2000 over on the Hoops site, and remember listening to the audio stream of the MUC St Johns Stagg Bowl in Dec 2000.

    Keith talks about the changes that have occurred in the last 10 years. IMHO, it has been the “home-grown love” that we fans have been able to pour into these pages as we have educated each other on the various aspects of D3.

    The unique attributes of the members of Pat’s “core group” have built a wonderful site. Each has his/her special strengths. (A special thanks to the wives!)

    It just keeps getting better. It has focused the internet lights on D3 sports and provided a platform for us to explore other D3 programs.

    Okay, now onto the Top 10 Road trips in D3.

    Abilene TX… This year, how about October 2nd-3rd. Fly into Abilene on Friday, Oct 2nd, and catch some authentic “Friday Night Lights”. Real Texas High School football. Saturday at 2pm is UMHB at HSU, and the under the “twilights” at 6 pm is ETBU at McMurry and Hal Mumme’s “Air Raid”.

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