Playoff roster won’t change

Because of concerns regarding the increasing cost of travel, the NCAA Division III championships committee pushed back a recommendation to increase the playoff roster size from 52 to 56 players.

“The rationale for adding another baseball player to the roster, and four more players to the football roster, is valid,” Redlands athletic director Jeff Martinez, the chairman of the committee, said in a story in the NCAA News. “The games have changed — in baseball, the need is relief pitching; and football is a vertical game with more receivers, more personnel packages.

“But, you have to weigh, is it more important to put more people on every sideline, or to be able to afford an additional charter flight or two when air-travel conditions make doing so unavoidable? We cannot control the air situation, and we have every indication that it’s going to get more challenging before it gets less challenging.”

It will have to wait until the next budget cycle, in 2010-11.

2 thoughts on “Playoff roster won’t change

  1. Don’t teams already travel with extra players? What day of the week does the roster for that week have to be declared?

  2. Teams do travel with extra players, that’s true — they just have to foot the bill themselves. They don’t have to declare their 52-man roster until 10 minutes before game time.

    Thanks for asking that question — probably belongs in the FAQ because it comes up every year.

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