The Scoop on D3 Women’s Hoops: The D3 WBB Pre-Championship Manual for 2022-23 is out!

Planning to put out a post later tonight/early tomorrow looking at the top games of the day and what we have on tap for Saturday’s slate, but sometimes news comes up that can’t wait. A few minutes ago, I found out that the Pre-Championship manual for 2022-2023 had been released by the NCAA, including some great information about strength of schedule calculations, important dates (including when each regional ranking will be posted), and future NCAA tournament dates.

One notable exclusion is the fact that unlike the men’s manual, there is no regional rankings section in this publication. The men’s manual broke down the number of eligible teams in each region and also noted how many teams from each region would be included in each edition of the rankings. If anyone reading this knows why that was excluded, it’d be much appreciated to have that info.

Still going through all of it now, but wanted to post the link here that way you all can go through it and have it on hand as we get closer and closer to NCAA Tournament selection time. Hope you’re having a great day!


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