Hoopsville Podcast: Feburary 8th

There are just three weeks remaining until the NCAA makes up their mind about who is and out of the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments… so there is a lot “positioning” by teams and plenty of questions from fans. We tried to tackle as much as we could in the Midwest, West, Northeast, and Atlantic Regions this week. Our coverage included regional reports from Bob Quillman, Gordon Mann, and Mark Simon and we chatted with George Fox’s women’s coach about their so-far perfect season.

What we’re reading

We at D3hoops.com know we are not the only ones writing interesting stories about Division III men’s and women’s basketball, and even if we had a full-time staff of writers we couldn’t corner the market on everything interesting.

I and Gordon Mann especially come across many stories we could never hope to write or do justice, since we all have “real” jobs and such. But we haven’t had an easy way to bring all of those stories to you. Aside from the occasional blog post about a story, which takes more time than we usually have to devote, most just get filed away in the cobwebs of our brains.

However, we’ve changed all that, thanks to a new Web site for journalists called Publish2. One of the features of the site is a tool we’ve used to create a feed of stories tagged as being of interest. You can always find it on the right-hand rail on the front page.

The feed is labeled “What we’re reading” and contains stories we’ve tagged that are of interest to us, along with a quick summary of why they might be of interest to you. You can see what else is in there beyond the five most recent by clicking on the link at the bottom of the box.

You can also suggest stories by emailing links to me at info@d3sports.com, or post them on the message board. It’s great to see what you’re reading, and we would love to read them ourselves and share them with everyone else.