Hoopsville Trivia Contest

If you didn’t know, and I suspect you didn’t, Hoopsville has had a trivia contest the last few weeks. It is based on schools in Maryland, southern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington, DC, and northern Virginia. Each week we ask a question about one of those schools and you get the chance to email us for a chance at winning a nice prize. However, no one has emailed us! So, we are trying this route. Below you will find the last trivia question along with this week’s. Email us (hoopsville@d3hoops.com) those answer(s) with the subject “Hoopsville Trivia Contest” and we will pick a random winner from the right answers and announce that winner this coming Sunday.

The prize is a $25 gift certificate to any of 11 Maryland Buffalo Wild Wings locations. To be eligible for the prize, you must live in the region where these schools are located and be able to take advantage of the gift certificate (we don’t want to waste the nice prizes we have been given).

Question 1:
Shenandoah has retire only two basketball jerseys in its history: one men’s and one women’s. Name the honorees and their jersey numbers.

Question 2:
Which team did Glenn Robinson win his first and his 100th career game against?

Again, email us your answer(s) to hoopsville@d3hoops.com with the subject line “Hoopeville Trivia Contest.” We will pick a random winner from all of the correct answers and make sure you can enjoy the prize before sending it to you.

Good luck!