Old gym tour: Wittenberg

Wittenberg's old gymnasiumEarlier this month I was at Wittenberg for a football game. I usually try to make a drive through campus either before or after the game — sometimes the drive through campus before the game is unplanned, if you know what I mean.

I’ve been to Wittenberg before, for a basketball game when Wooster and Wittenberg were the two top-ranked teams in the country. And the old building is connected to the current playing arena, Pam Evans Smith Arena. (It was still called the HPER Center when I visited.) But this time I saw the building from the outside and realized there was an older portion — and you know how it goes — some buildings just look like a gym from the outside. So I pulled over and went in to do a little exploring.

This gym clearly couldn’t have seated very many people, though the bleachers have been gone for decades. There’s a stage underneath one basket and a balcony all the way around that would have held more spectators.

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