Augie: A struggle to get up

Decked out in Brazilian wearThe Augustana basketball teams are in Brazil this week and are blogging on the trip. Tayvian Johnson is blogging for the men’s team and you can catch their blog posts on the Daily Dose. Chaney Tambling is blogging for the women’s team.

Waking up today was a struggle for many different reasons. First, the game last night was very taxing on us. It was a hard fought game and a few guys, including me, were pretty banged and bruised. Despite that, however, last night’s game will be a game that will never be forgotten.

Not only did we play the best 22-and-under team in South America, we were playing in the same arena where the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards will be practicing for their exhibition game in early October. On top of that, the USA men’s and women’s teams will also be using the facility during the 2016 Olympics.

A man named Daniel Soares also attended the game and he is one of the two men employed by the NBA to arrange the game between the Bulls and Wizards. That was one of the best game experiences we could have asked for to end our trip.

After the game we cleaned up and went to another all you can eat Brazilian pizza restaurant. It also had the fantastic cinnamon banana pizza that our team has grown to love.

After dinner we went out with our tour guide to a local dance club. We took the city bus to the club and odd enough it was very similar to an American city bus besides the man that got on about half was through and was singing loudly in Portuguese.

The club was fun and after that we had a handful of guys who attempted to stay up and watch the sunrise. Only about half actually made it and I was not one of them. After the struggle of waking up, we made it to lunch a small diner where I had the best meal of the entire trip – filet-de-frango at Madelom. We then packed up and after stopping at the market to get some local soda and doing some last minute shopping it was time to head to the airport.

Being at the airport now is bittersweet because while I miss my loved ones I have nine of the best days of my life to remember. I’ve made memories with my team that I will never forget and we are a better team after this.

I love Brazil!

Augie: Women say farewell

On the beach, in uniformThe Augustana basketball teams are heading to Brazil this week and will be blogging on the trip. Chaney Tambling is blogging for the women’s team and you can catch their blog posts on the Daily Dose. Tayvian Johnson is blogging for the men’s team.

Well our time here in Brazil is wrapping up.

Today we went to the beach to get in a last few hours of fun in the sun before having to return to the hotel and pack up for our journey back home. It was a beautiful day with a clear, blue sky and lots of ocean waves. We took our last opportunity for a photo shoot and brought our uniforms for pictures on the beach.

As our time wraps up here in Rio de Janeiro, we can look back at what an experience it has been. It was 10 short days full of amazing and unimaginable sights and sounds. It truly has been an experience of a lifetime.

Tonight we will leave and tomorrow we will be back on US soil where we will get time to reflect and reminisce on the time here in Brazil.