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Messiah and Lynchburg into overtime

That second half was one for the memory book. While Messiah developed their offensive attack in a more coordinated fashion than did Lynchburg, it was Lynchburg who had the opportunities – and the statistical advantage.

After Michael Abbonizio scored for Lynchburg off a beautiful (almost Messiah-like) 20+ yard shot that was up in the corner, it looked like the Hornets were on their way to the upset of the decade. But in the final seven minutes, Dan Squire scored for the Falcons on a very controversial play.

Overtime starts.

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  • Author comment by soccerdad8 · December 7, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    Having watched the game between Messiah and Lynchburg for the D3 National Championship, I watched with disbelief on the “no call”.
    Lynchburg deserved to win that game every bit as much as Messiah. Messiah doesn’t need help from the refs, they play a beautiful game and are every bit as good as everyone says.
    A few years ago I witnessed messiah win in overtime on a missed off-sides call.
    They are a phenomenal program, but they can’t be given that added benefit of the doubt because of who they are.
    If the center Ref didn’t see the foul, the AR should have raised his flag, and the goal waived off. A refs first responsibility is to protect the players on the field. In this case, that wasn’t done.
    Pezon’s goal in OT was unbelievable, but truth be told, the game never should have reached that point.

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