ATN Podcast: Sold or not sold?

By this point in the season, it’s hard to call teams flukes, and teams that have gone above and beyond what we expected of them have to be dubbed something else, perhaps surprise teams.

If you’ve played three or four games and are undefeated, that’s one thing. If you’ve knocked off a team that was believed to be better than you are, that’s what makes you a surprise.

But can we believe in you? That’s another question. Most of these teams have yet to play the best team on their schedule. How will they hold up as the road gets tougher? That’s what Keith McMillan and I tackle in this week’s Around the Nation podcast. We look at more than a dozen teams with the goal of answering one simple question: sold or not sold?

One team we didn’t touch on in the podcast is St. Norbert. I would have to go with not sold, for the moment, waiting for the Monmouth game on the road to find out more. Hopefully Keith will weigh in in the comments section.

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7 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: Sold or not sold?

  1. After getting last week’s podcast early this morning, I notified Pat. About one hour later, I played the podcast and it worked correctly.

    I used Firefox (Version 3.x.x) at home and got last week’s podcast.

    When I connected via Internet Explorer 6.0, it worked correctly.

    BTW, good podcast this week.

  2. Piper — you’re using AOL’s built-in browser, one of the worst on the planet. Do yourself a favor and use your computer’s regular Internet Explorer or better yet, download a copy of Firefox.

    You’re getting a cached page, which is delivering to you something we changed three and a half hours earlier. It’s AOL’s way of cutting costs.

  3. At first it was last week’s podcast. Then I came back to it again and this week’s podcast played. I have no idea what’s up.

  4. Good afternoon, piper.

    What happened is that Pat changed the specifications of the imbedded link in that Daily Dose page.

    AOL had downloaded that page sometime earlier, and then the browser software did not check to see if there were a change in the page where you had been a week earlier.

    He is right. I use AOL for my email (15 years habit), but Firefox is a really great browser. My job requires IE6.0 so I am forced to use that. I rarely use the AOL browser now.

  5. as I mentioned the other day the last quarter of the Utica/I C game I was scratching my head about the calls made by the .coach..or qb..then I turn on the podcast….scratch…scratch…??..well it turned out to be a fine overwiew..glad I waited…can’t wait till 10-3…go Bombers

  6. I thought there were actually six comments about the content of the podcast, but no haps.

    I think I might have forgotten to actually indicate sold or not on one or two of them. I remember having this thought while recording, but not having an non-awkward way of mentioning it 🙂

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